Odor End

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The original odor neutralizer with Anti-Odor Extender (AOE). Neutralizes existing odours and keeps areas odor free for hours. This popular and versatile product can be used in every area of your facility to reduce, eliminate, and control unwanted malodours. The proprietary fragrance is mild, yet lingers for hours. One of a kind odour eliminator to eradicate the worst problems. A real “solution that works” with user confidence.


Liquid Odor End can be used in any area where malodours present a problem. Washrooms, hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes. Use Liquid Odor End anywhere unpleasant odours need to be controlled.
Floor machines: mix 28-56 mL with 4 litres of water and cleaner.
Spray bottles: 1:4 – spray linen, drapes and fabric.
Urinals and toilets: Full strength.
Air: Spray directly into air at 1:4 ratio.
Carpet Cleaning machines: 28 mL per 4 litres of water to eliminate odours deep in carpets.
Garbage compactors: spray container before and during use to control odours.

This product is availbe in a 1L bottle.


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