Bio Fresh

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A concentrated liquid containing live bacteria, blue dye, and fragrance formulated to biologically treat toilets. Formulated to breakdown waste as it works. Provides low end use cost with as little as 112 mL per initial change. Provides bacteria action that over powers bad odour causing bacteria. Effectiveness grows and breaks down waste as it works.


Use diluted (112mL per normal toilets to 450 mL for large stationary toilets) in portable toilets, holding tanks, large stationary toilets, natural pit toilets. All tanks, compartments, and pits must be free of previously used toilet chemicals. Flush systems with plenty of water prior to initial charge of Bio Fresh. Since Bio Fresh is a bio-enzymatic formulation, its effect is reduced or killed in the presence of disinfectants, chlorine, acids, and formaldehyde. Bio Fresh is compatible with most other bacteria-enzymatic products.

This product is available in a 1L or 10L bottle.


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