Blue Marvel 2000

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BLUE MARVEL 2000 is an economical, concentrated, high-foaming liquid detergent especially formulated for brush-type car and truck wash facilities. Excellent for both single-cycle and reclaim type operations. Contains a blend of special heavy-duty, synthetic detergents, emulsifiers, foam boosters, synergists and water-soluable lubricants. Special, heavy-duty detergent system allows maximum effective solution life. Users report 20,000 or more car washed per drum of concentrate in reclaim operations. Effectively removes road film, winter salt deposits and heavy soil. All synthetic detergent system allows easy, spot-free rinsing.

Applications & Dilutions

Use in all vehicle wash requiring foam washing.
1. Rotary Brush: Use at 1:160 to 1:720 parts water through to end dilution to produce an excellent soil release detergent. This dilution will produce excellent lubricant qualities for brushes.
2. Foam Brush: Use at 1:80 to 1:360 parts water depending on foam (lather) desired. Produces rich stable foam that rinses clean.

3. Pressure Hand Wash: Use BLUE MARVEL 2000 at 1:720 to 1:1400 through hand pressure gun to achieve excellent cleaning.

This product is available in 20L pails.


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