Cherry Bomb

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Tough on dirt and grime and gentle on hard-working hands. Cherry Bomb industrial hand soap is formulated to remove stubborn industrial soils such as inks, resins, paints, adhesives, tar, carbon, and asphalt. The use of mild, low-odor solvents and no phosphates helps to prevent skin damage from frequent washings. Plus, the emollients in Cherry Bomb act to moisturize hands and keep them feeling soft and supple. The pleasant light cherry fragrance counteracts petroleum odors on hands. Contains no NPE surfactants.

Use in shops, garages, and factories or wherever hands get dirty. Removes all types of stubborn industrial soils: inks, resins, adhesives, tar, carbon, grease, and asphalt. Use through Zep D 4000 dispenser.

This product comes in 3.78L bottles and is compatible with Zep D 4000 Dispenser.


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