Cherry Clear Coat Protectant

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Cherry Clear Coat Protectant is a concentrated liquid clear-coat protectant that provides ultraviolet and corrosion protection to a vehicle’s clear coat finish. Acts as a drying agent and contains a fresh cherry scent at end use dilutions. Inhibits rust and corrosion. Enhance and protect clear coat finishes with the added protection of a premium ultraviolet sunblock additive. This clear coat protectant system enhances and protects the vehicle finish. Protects behind car chrome and molding where hand waxing can not reach. Dilutes up to 1:600 parts water. Will not smear or streak glass.

Applications & Dilutions

Recommended as a clear coat protectant in the sealer wax arch of automatic vehicle washes.

Note: Solution strength can be monitored using the Zep 3043 Q.A.C. Rinse Wax Test Kit.

This product is available in 20L pails.



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