Measure 2002

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An ultra concentrated liquid cleaner degreaser containing detergent builders, water softening agents, a synergistic surfactant system, and water soluble solvents.

Applications & Dilutions

Directions For Use:
Use Measure 2002 in auto scrubbing machines, mop buckets or in trigger sprayer bottle. Dilute product through ZEP Measure Up™ Ultra Pak Solution Center or other dilution control device. If no unit is available mix manually using the dilution rates below.

Dilution Rates:

Heavy Duty Trigger Sprayer Solution For removal of ink, heavy grease or extreme soils. Mix 1:4 parts water

General Purpose Trigger Sprayer Solution Mix 1:32 parts water

Heavy Duty Degreasing Solution for Mop Bucket or Auto Scrubbers Mix 1:40 parts water

General Purpose Degreaser for Mop Bucket or Auto Scrubbers Mix 1:100 parts water

This product is available in 4L bottles.


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