MicroClean 18′ Flat Mop

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Microclean Systems Aluminum 18″ Mop Frame. This heavy duty aluminum mop frame is designed for commercial cleaning. Swivel hinged with a special screw down flang to attach to the Microclean aluminum handle. With 2 1″ wide institutional velcro hook strips on the bottom of the frame for attaching either Wet, Dry or Finishing Microfiber mop heads. The frame is designed to hold an 18″ mop pad and has dual locking swivels.

Available for this Mop:

20″ Microclean Systems Microfiber/Polymide Dry Mops with commercial velcro backing, washable to 500 processings, These specialized Fluffy Dusting Mops with microfiber have a postitive electro-static charge that attracts dirt and dust like a magnet.

18″ Microclean Systems Microfiber/Polymide Wet Mops are designed for commercial applications. complete with the highest grade velcro, and high quality split microfiber that is launderable to 500 processings, Available in Blue. These microfiber Wet Mops attract dirt, grime and bacteria like a magnet.


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