N.A.C. Plus

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N.A.C. Plus is a eady-to-use, germicidal cleaner and deodorant packaged in convenient 1 litre squirt bottles. Contains a blend of detergents, emulsifiers, grease-cutting solvents, and builders; includes quaternary ammonium germicide and has a pleasant, clean fragrance.

Applications & Dilutions

Use undiluted to clean and disinfect bathroom bowls, urinals, sinks, basins, and tubs etc.
Directions for Use
Bowls and Urinals: Pour a small quantity on to a wet toilet bowl mop. Swab the bowl completely using the mop, making sure to get under the rim. Let stand for 10 minutes and flush. Leaves a pleasant, freshly deodorized surface.

Sinks, Basins, Tubs, etc.: Pour a small amount on to wet surfaces and wipe surface with a sponge or cloth. Allow contact time of 10 minutes and then rinse clean. For a brilliant shine wipe dry with clean, soft cloth.

Note: Shake well before using.

This product is available in a 1L bottle.


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