Next Step 3 Endure 2000 Plus

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A premium cross-linked co-polymer emulsion floor coating containing acrylic polymers, synthetic waxes, plasticizers and levelling aids. Resists scuffing, heel marking, scratching and abrasion, allowing for extended times between re-coat requirement. Excellent response to low rpm spray buffing and high rpm electric or propane burnishings. Suitable for daily to weekly mechanical maintenance. Excellent for use in low maintenance systems.

Applications & Dilutions 

Apply undiluted with proper floor finish mop. Four to five coats will be sufficient as a base coat and one to two coats are required for scrub and re-coat operations. Apply to any properly prepared sealed resilient or nonresilient floors. Do not use on glazed non-resilient flooring. Read all label instructions thoroughly before applying. 
This product is availble in 10L bottles.


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