Next Step 4 Neutral Cleaner

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Neutral Cleaner is a highly-concentrated liquid cleaner containing water softeners, detergent builders, wetting agents, and a fresh scented odour counteractant. Excellent floor cleaner by mopping application and in Automatic Scrubber Equipment. Also can be used manually to clean equipment, work surfaces, walls and other surfaces.

Applications & Dilutions

Use in mop bucket, mop pail, or auto scrubber to clean floors, walls, and all other hard surfaces not affected by water.

Directions for use:
Dilute as required through Zep Measure Up™ Ultra Pak Solution Center or other proportioning unit. If no proportioning unit is available, the dilution can be done manually.
Clean with solution using mop bucket, cleaning pail or auto scrubber. Use cold to warm water for best results.
Dilution Rates: Solution for Auto Scrubbers.  Mix 1:500 parts water
Solution for Damp Mopping Floors Mix 1:250 parts water
Heavy Cleaning & Deep Scrubbing Mix 1:80 parts water

This product is available in 4L or 10L bottles.


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