Odorstroyer Xtra

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A concentrated liquid designed as a surface spray to kill the source of odors and eliminate odors that are present. Formulated with bio-enzymatic action that biologically destroys odor.

Applications & Dilutions

Spray on to surfaces and leave at the following dilution rates:
Garbage trucks, bins, and heavy odor areas 1:1 part water
Garbage trucks, bins, and light odor areas 1:4 parts water
Carpets in extractor 1:64 parts water
Carpets – direct spray 1:4 parts water
Sports equipment Use undiluted Bathroom surface spray 1:1 part water
Bathroom washing solution 1:30 parts water
Hospitality Linens 1:1 part water
Mold & mildew 1:1 part water
Dog shampoo 1:10 parts water

This product is available in a 1L or 4L bottle.


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