Orange Gel Degreaser Aerosol

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Zep Orange Gel Degreaser is a ready-to-use blend of naturally occurring organic degreasers, detergents, and emulsifiers formulated for easy application, especially on vertical surfaces. Gelled formulation aids in contact time especially to vertical surfaces. Comparable solvency with petroleum distillates and chlorinated solvents; cuts grease, gum, graffiti, tar, adhesives, and various other soils.

Applications & Dilutions

Formulated to degrease molds, dies, and other industrial equipment. Effectively emulsifies tar and asphalt, and removes many industrial glues and protective coatings. Ideal for use on vertical surfaces where contact time is critical. Excellent cleaner for unpainted concrete floors, and for removing scuff and rubber tire marks. Ideal spotter and gum remover for carpets. Aerosol form provides convenient soil removal. May damage some plastic and/or painted surfaces. Test on inconspicuous area before general use.

Available in Aerosol Can.


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