Pure HE Oxy



Pure HE Oxy is a premium powdered laundry detergent specially designed with colour-safe oxygen bleach and enzyme stain removers for excellent soil removal, producing brilliant whites and vibrant colours. This product uses an oxygen bleach activating system, which generates peracetic acid, allowing use at temperatures below 60C/140F, reducing the energy demand of the system. Pure HE Oxy provides excellent economic efficiency via ensuring fabrics come clean the first time and requiring less detergent per load. This product is ideal for commercial and domestic laundering of coloured and white cottons and mixed fabrics. For particularly stubborn stains, use it as a pre-soak. This product is formulated entirely with biodegradable ingredients.

DIRECTIONS: For use in commercial machines, add 4 to 6 oz. detergent for each 50 lbs. of dry fabric. Recommended temperatures for this system are between 48 – 60C (120 – 140F)
For top loading domestic washers, add 1/2 to 3/4 cups per load. More may be required for heavy soil conditions. This product is also ideally suited for high-efficiency domestic washers at a reduced amount.

Available in 5Kg and 20Kg pails. Refills availabe.


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