Tork Universal Bath Tissue Roll with OptiCore® 161990

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Tork Universal Bath Tissue Roll with OptiCore® features patented two-part core technology and offers a unique combination of capacity, waste reduction, and quality. This quality tissue is 100% recycled and exceeds EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste. This embossed tissue is made with de-inking and bleaching processes free of chlorine and other harmful chemicals as well as features more than a 25% reduction in core material for environmentally preferable packaging. This high-capacity tissue is designed for government or other facilities that have mandates to be green.

  • OptiCore® technology reduces waste and cost by ensuring maximum use of each roll.
  • Green Seal and EcoLogo certified for environmental responsibility and positive image.
  • High capacity – 1,730(2 Rolls)/ 2595 (3 Rolls) sheets per dispenser reduces risk of product runouts, lessens maintenance burden and improves customer satisfaction.

Product# 161990


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