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ZEP Prep is a concentrated liquid blend of anti-resoil surfactants, water soluble solvents, and sequestering agents. Remains at 9.4 – 9.6 for more effective cleaning, safe for fifth generation carpets, oil and grease will not kill cleaning action. For cleaner, brighter traffic lanes, rejuvenates dead carpet appearance.

Applications & Dilutions as a Pre-spray:

Dilute ZEP PREP at 1:8 parts water. Apply to traffic lanes using a portable sprayer. Brush (agitate) lightly for increased cleaning efficiency. Proceed, using normal extraction procedures. To use as a general pre-spray for entire carpet, ZEP PREP may be diluted at 1:80 parts water. Extract after leaving sit for 2 – 5 minutes.
AS AN ALL PURPOSE SPOTTER: Dilute ZEP PREP at 1:2 parts water. Apply to stains with trigger sprayer. Agitate and extract rinse.

Note: Care should be taken when using ZEP PREP at high concentration. Pretest carpet for colourfastness.

This product is available in 1L and 4L bottles.


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