Zep Vue

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Zep Vue R.T.U. is a ready-to-use liquid composed of surface wetting agents, chelates, drying agents, and water soluble solvents. Quickly cuts surface film, finger marks, bugs, lipstick marks, bathroom spatter, and airborne soils from windows, windshields, mirrors, and showcases. An excellent spray and wipe cleaner for stainless steel, Formica, chrome, enamel, ceramic tiles, and other surfaces not harmed by water alone.

Applications & Dilutions

Cleans windows, auto glass, mirrors, refrigerators, walls, chrome, ceramic tiles, enameled surfaces, bathroom fixtures, glass desk tops, Formica, stainless steel, and other surfaces not harmed by water alone.

This product is available in  1L Spray bottles and 4L bottles.


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