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Zep-O-Brite is a chlorinated powdered, abrasive-type cleaner containing a blend of mild abrasive, mild alkaline detergents, water softeners, wetting agents, and chlorine. Clinging formula provides longer contact time with soil on vertical surfaces for more thorough cleaning. Special penetrating feature quickly carries the active ingredients into and through the heaviest soils, speeding the cleaning process.

Applications & Dilutions

Use to clean all porcelain and enameled surfaces in bathrooms. Shake a little Zep-O-Brite on a wet cloth or sponge, and rub briskly on the surface to be cleaned or shake Zep-O-Brite directly on the wet surface to be cleaned and rub. When surface is clean, rinse with clear water. DO NOT mix or use this product with acidic or ammoniated cleaners.


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