Jet Clean


An ultra concentrated water based liquid designed for removal of road film from a wide variety of vehicles with no mechanical action required other than high pressure water. Formulated with high foam wetting agents, alkaline builders and water softening chelates.

Applications & Dilutions

Use in all vehicle wash operations.
As a Pre-Spray: Use at concentrations of 1:80 parts water, to 1:160 parts water. Apply solution to vehicle and let soak for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Pressure wash off.
Through Pressure Washer: Inject through pressure washer at a rate of 1:200 parts; to 1:400 parts water. Always rinse thoroughly.
Manual Brush Wash: Use at a 1:200 parts dilution for manually washing vehicles.

This product is availalbe in 4L bottles, 20L pails, and 210L barrel. If a different size is required contact us and we will be able to make arrangements for you.


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